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H2O ENERGIZER Agricultural

H2O Energizer

The Agricultural H2O ENERGIZER systems are non-chemical devices from 2” diameter systems up to 30”+ diameter systems which are installed at your irrigation source. The system can be easily fitted to your drip, sprinkler, flood, ditch, center pivot, or any irrigation system you may use on your farm.

The physics that benefit your operation lies in the body of the device with a patent-pending technology : “Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance” (HDMR-Ionization).

HDMR-Ionization is a technology that has been acknowledged by the international scientific community as a credible technology and highly effective in the prestigious 2009 International Peer Review; Netherlands. Click here for a copy of the International Peer Review of "Magnetic Treatment of Irrigation Water: Evaluation of its Effects on Vegetable Crop Yield and Water Productivity".

The Agricultural H2O ENERGIZER comes in a variety of configurations based on the size of your need. As each is scientifically configured to be maximal effectiveness, the patterns are unique to each size. The image shown is an example of a system configuration you may find in 10”+ sizes.

When installing this unit on your farm, the H2O ENERGIZER universally improves the efficiency of your water. More permeability of the water into your soil, higher yields, less soil salinity, less energy used in your pumps, less scaling in your pipes and sprinkler heads, less fertilizers and chemicals due to dissolvability–not to mention better crop quality and longer shelf life– in turn, improves your bottom line.