Omni Enviro Water Systems

Scale Prevention

One of the primary challenges that industries face with their water systems is the buildup of scaling and corrosion.

Whether in an industrial boiler, a cooling tower, or similar water treatment or delivery system, mineral deposits can build up and form a dense layer.These deposits include calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, silica and other elements. In a boiler tube, for example, this buildup can impede heat transfer. Corrosion too can contribute to deposits, which results in metal damage to the system.

Tipping Scale in your Favor

The hardest thing about farming is, too often, the water.
Hard water causes irrigation pipes, drip systems, sprinkler heads—and more—to clog up with a mineral plaque referred to as scale. The mineral richness of this hard water produces weak water pressure from corroded pipes that often have to either be acid-bathed or replaced to allow the flow necessary to efficiently irrigate fields.

If that’s not bad enough, the farmer comes home from a long day in the fields to find mineral stains wherever house water sits for any length of time, appliances that are choking to death from scale, and washing machines that demand an overload of soap to show signs of sudsing. Drinking, showering, and bathing in this water should deserve hazard pay for the residents in homes with this problem.

In the past, the answer for the evils of scale has been either a water softener in the home, or acid bathing and pipe replacement in the field.
But now, Omni Enviro water systems tip scale in a different direction.

Omni Enviro’s magnetic science not only prevents mineral rich water from scaling, but it gentley removes scale that is already in place.

Better yet, Omni softens water in a better way than softeners, creating a healthier, more productive end product. One that hydrates better. Tastes good, too.

The process is scientifically simple. Omni’s magnetizing technology breaks down minerals into much smaller components, then holds them in suspension. In this state, they can’t physically bond to the walls of pipes or stain shower doors and sink tops. More importantly, they more easily enter the cellular structure of plants or animals for greater hydration and nourishment.

Better yet, Omni’s magnetically treated water gently washes away scale that is already in the pipes, creating a more productive flow.

This means the end of clogged sprinkler heads, choked up pipes, and rock hard water in the field and home. No more stains on shower doors and sink tops.

Omni’s house unit actually outperforms water softeners, changing hard water into hydrating, healthy, mineral-delivering water. Hard water minerals stain and clog. The same minerals, when treated with the Omni water system, nourish the plant or animal.
Skin becomes healthier, more elastic and even in tone; the flavor of water improves dramatically; any vitamins or medications being taken are delivered more efficiently into the cells. It renders otherwise toxic elements non-interactive with the body, taking a load off the kidneys since they no longer have to go to war with those negative elements. 

The result is an improved immune system.
(For example: Omni water lowered the mortality rate of chickens by 200-300%.)
The financial benefits created by scale prevention and removal in farming, cooling tanks, homes, municipalities—and more—are enormous.
You might say it tips the scale in Omni Enviro’s direction.

Challenges with Evaporation

When water evaporates, minerals typically left behind will concentrate in the remaining water.

If this concentration exceeds the saturation point, these minerals deposit on the internal surface of a cooling system, for example, and cause scaling build-up.

Cooling Towers

Typical cooling towers are designed to cool the heated water that passes through the system, removing the heat from the refrigerant that cools a building.

It is estimated that at least 60 percent of the problems associated with these cooling towers are caused by scaling.

Omni Enviro's H2O ENERGIZER Solution

Omni Enviro’s H2O ENERGIZER Industrial activates the water source, transforming water’s molecular structure through the use of magnetic resonators.

This safely and effectively changes the structural characteristics of water, preventing mineral deposits to bond.

This, in turn, prevents scaling and build-up which can damage the system and lead to costly maintenance and repair costs.

More Impacts

For an overview of specific technical and economic effects related to boiler water, cooling systems and related applications, click here.


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