Omni Enviro Water Systems

Seed Germination

Seeds have a self-preservation energy that differs at various stages in their life cycle. During harvest, not all planted seeds will grow, which adds to the cost of overall seed-material usage.

In response, Omni Enviro has developed a technology proven to improve the quality of seeds, as well as their germination properties and growth. This technology:

  • Uses magnetic resonators to activate the water used to soak the seeds prior to sowing.
  • Can reduce spending on sowing material by up to 30 to 50 percent.
  • Enables an earlier harvest ripening.

Study results show that seeds treated using the magnetic field provided by Omni Enviro grow faster, and speed up protein formation, which provides for the growth of roots while activating growth processes in weak seeds.

Choose the right time

Choosing the appropriate lunar phase while magnetizing seeds is vitally important. For example, it is better to magnetize wheat seeds during the new moon, cucumber during the last quarter of the lunar phase, tomato during full moon, and carrot in the first quarter of the lunar phase.

Treating the seeds

Seeds essentially are the resting system of organs for a future plant. The quality and virility of the plant depends on the quality of this system.

Seeds prepared for magnetizing before sowing must be from one group, with controlled seeds, identical by lineage, reproduction and conditions of storing. Seeds from different layers should be thoroughly mixed and humidity should not be more than 14 percent.

Sowing with soaked seeds

Pour the water through the funnel-shaped h20 Energizer Solo into a container to soak the seeds. Leave the seeds in that treated water for at least 30 minutes, and then pour the water back out, passing the water and the seeds through the Solo again.

The seeds now are ready for sowing.

Sowing with un-soaked seeds

For large farm uses, Omni Enviro’s 3” h2O Energizer is designed to easily adapt to planters.

The results of both methods will improve, however, if magnetized water is used for irrigation.