Omni Enviro Water Systems

ROI Calculator

The default values are generated from the observed results at Merritt EW Farms.

$ Amount Saved with an Omni Water System
Application Rate (Gal./Hr/Acre)
Number of Acres Irrigated
Avg. Hours of Irrigation per Day
Avg. Days of Irrigation per Year
Total Yearly Application (Acre-ft)
Estimated Savings with Omni System* %
Acre-feet of water saved
Cost of Water per Acre-ft** $
Cost of Energy per Acre-ft*** $
Average Yearly Cost Savings $
Cost of Associated Omni Water Systems****
Irrigation Pipe Diameter
Number of Units Required
Total System Price $
Return On Investment
Time Required to Recover Investment (yrs)
10-Year Return on Investment $

*Omni guarantees and minimum savings of 10%.
**Average cost of water according to a 2003 report from the USDA.
*** Use this link: to calculate your energy consumption.
****This calculator applies to systems 3" in diameter and larger.