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Omni Enviro Water Systems offers a field-proven line of chemical-free technologies that deliver maximum water productivity. In a world where we need to do more with less, we have clean and green solutions.

H2O Energizer Agriculture
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The H2O ENERGIZER Ag System is manufactured in a broad range of sizes to accommodate the specific needs of Agriculture today.

Guaranteed Benefits


• Increases yields 10%-30%
• Increases plant vigor, weight, and quality
• Increases water penetration and flow
• Increases seed germination
• Increases nutrient uptake
• Increases shelf life
• Improves soil pH


• Reduces water use 10%-30%
• Reduces fertilizer and pesticide needs
• Prevents and removes scale buildup
• Reduces total dissolved solids (TDS)
• Reduces disease and pathogens
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Reduce electrical bills
• Reduces salts in soil

Our systems are compatible with every type of irrigation currently used in agriculture. This includes pump, pivot, drip, sprinkler, flood, ditch, and gated pipes irrigation.

H2O ENERGIZER 1" HDMR Unit is recommended for Home & Garden and delivers all the same good things as above, plus added health benefits to you and your family.

H2O ENERGIZER Industrial

The H2O ENERGIZER Industrial units are designed to reduce and reverse scaling in virtually any industrial application.

This non-chemical device is available in a complete range of sizes, from the HDMR 2” System to large-scale applications including farm’s cooling towers and refrigeration, manufacturing plants, golf courses, paper mills, real estate developments, concrete & construction, and power plants, to name a few.

Guaranteed Benefits

  • Prevent & remove scaling from pipes
  • Decrease surface tension & viscosity
  • Less total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Extended longevity of pipes
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increase water flow
  • Reduce heat stress
  • Less energy use

This system is also applicable in Environmental applications to safely help clean rivers, lakes and salt-water lagoons.

H2O Energizer Home System
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H2O Energizer Home System
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H2O ENERGIZER Home & Garden System

The Home & Garden System adapts the proven technology of the H2O ENERGIZER to serve the unique demands of the residential user and avid indoor gardeners.

With easy installation to a home’s main line, the Home & Garden System improves the ability of water to dissolve waste and other compounds.

Plus, this highly efficient water helps reduce water and energy costs, health damaging chlorine and flouride, plumbing expenses, and chemical exposure from detergents.

Guaranteed Benefits

  • Bathroom
    Reduces scaling in pipes and showerheads.
    Reduces residue on shower screens, floors and walls.
    Softer water is known to benefit skin and hair.
  • Kitchen
    Removes chlorine and flouride for better health.
    Enhances efficiency of water for cooking and cleaning.
    Improves the taste of food and beverages.
    Reduces scale buildup in your appliances for longer life.
  • Laundry
    Cuts detergent use dramatically by increasing dissolvability.
    Reduces discharge of chemicals into the environment.
    Reduces scale buildup in your appliances for longer life.
  • Garden
    Reduces water use.
    Enhances vitality of lawns, vegetable gardens, flower beds, etc.
    Reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Plumbing
    Requires less plumbing maintenance due to reversing and eliminating scaling in your pipes.
    No need for water softeners: Good for you, good for the environment.
    Guaranteed for 10 years with no maintenance.


H2O ENERGIZER Personal Use System

Designed to biologically activate drinking water, the H2O ENERGIZER Personal Use System is a safe, simple water enhancement for optimal health.

For a healthy immune function, use the H2O ENERGIZER Personal Use System with your home’s filtered water and enjoy "softer" water with higher oxygen content and health-enhancing benefits.

Magnetized water supports:

• Bioavailability and hydration of cells and organs
• Dissipation of toxic deposits within connective tissues
• Digestive, nervous, lymphatic, and urinary systems
• Appetite control, weight control, and metabolism
• Liver and kidney function
• Healthy skin and hair
• Body alkalinity
• Anti-aging

In addition to activating drinking water, the H2O ENERGIZER Personal Use System can be used for cooking, other beverages, and is ideal for water used for flowers and houseplants.

H2O Energizer Solo
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