Omni Enviro Water Systems


"I started with hesitation, thinking the units would be in the way of the water.
As soon as I put this system on, I noticed my pressure dropped and immediately
had better water flow.

With drought conditions here in Kansas, my neighbors said my corn should be
burned up by now... yet we're still going strong.

You need to come down here at the end of harvest so we can share this with
our farming community".

- Larry Unruh, Western Kansas Corn Farmer, Summer 2011


“Due to better penetration and water retention in the soil, we’ve cut back
water use significantly while improving the quality of our grapes.”

- John Zaninovich, Merritt Farms, Porterville, CA


“We had an 800 pound per acre increase in our spinach program using
Omni Enviro’s water system as well as reduction in our water use.”

-Mike Thorp; Tanimura & Antle, Soledad, CA

“In my thirty years of farming, I haven’t seen corn like this.
We got 27% increase in yields using the Omni Enviro system.”
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- Chuck Dees; Drip 2000 Irrigation, Mendota, CA

“My baby spinach yield was over 35% higher with the Omni unit.
It gave me uniformity of seed germination so I could harvest
all at the same time.”

- Wayne Gularte, Rincon Farms, Gonzales, CA


“We had improved yields and quality of our Radicchio using Omni Enviro’s
water system and significant reduction in scaling in our cooling tower.”

- Jeff Marchini; J.Marchini Farms, Le Grand, CA


"Using Omni Enviro’s System helped with my hard water problem,
increased my crop yield and improved plant quality."

- Matt Hayes; Bounty of the Valley, King City, CA

"Omni Enviro’s water system causes better water penetration
for my vegetable crops and I use less water."

- Matthew Englehart; Be Love Farm/Cafe Gratitude, Vacaville, CA


"Works as effective as gypsum in leeching fields"

- Grimmway Farms, Imperial Valley, CA

"19 bale increase on our 10 acre controlled trial.
Increased new growth and yield with one irrigation"

- Peter LoBue; LoBue Farms, Los Baños, CA


"Reduction in electrostatic and separation of seeds for easier planting"

- Bolthouse Farms, Lancaster, CA


"During our last harvest season we achieved a 21% increase in yield
of our broccoli using Omni water systems."

- Scott Howington; Farmer, Imperial Valley, CA


Australian Video Testimonials

Australian Testimonials

Jordan Experiment

"In regards to the banana experiment that I started last July 2010 using very saline water for irrigation (3,300TDS). Please note that the results so far are incredible and we are expecting the yields to start producing within the next two month. Minimal amounts of fertilizers and iron were given to those yields. Another section of the farm was planted with the same bananas and were given untreated water (also 3,300TDS) but never made it to the third month. Attached are some dated photos for this experiment. Read more...

- Jamal Armoush; Amman, Jordan